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  • X Ray Baggage Scanner

    X Ray Baggage Scanner

  • Explosive/Liquid Detector

    Explosive/Liquid Detector

  • Metal detector

    Metal detector

ZA-918 Vehicle DVR HD Camera System

Under Vehicle DVR HD Video Inspection Camera System ZA-918

ZA-UVSS-II Fixed under vehicle surveillance system

Fixed Under Vehicle Surveillance System For Road Security CCD Line ZA-UVSS-II

ZA-UVSS-I Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection Surveillance System ZA-UVSS-I

ZA-V5 Rectangular Inspection Mirror

Rectangular Under Vehicle Search Inspection Mirror ZA-V5

ZA-V3 Under Car Security Mirror

LED Lighted Round Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror ZA-V3

Dual-View Intelligent Security Screening Machine

ZA6550D Dual-View Intelligent Security Screening Machine x ray airport baggage scanner machines

AI Intelligent Security Inspection Machine

ZA100100D dual view 160 kv AI Intelligent Security Inspection x ray luggage Machine for airport cargos

AI Intelligent Security Inspection Machine

ZA100100 cargo inspection x-ray machine with AI Smart Recognition

AI Intelligent Security Inspection Machine

ZA6550 AI Intelligent Security Inspection Machine for airport baggage screening inspection

AI Airport X Ray Luggage Machine

ZA5030 Intelligent Security Screening Machine AI x-ray baggage scanner for government buildings

Portable x Ray Baggage Scanner

Full Digital Portable x Ray Baggage Scanner Hand Bag Scanner ZA4030BX

Movable Baggage Security Equipment

Portable X ray Baggage Scanner ZA4030

ZA6550A X Ray Security Inspection Machine

Single Energy X-ray Baggage Scanner ZA6550A

ZA5030A X-ray inspection system

Single Energy X Ray Inspection System Baggage Scanner ZA5030A

X-Ray Security Screening Equipment

Multi Energy X-Ray Security Screening Equipment Machines X Ray Baggage Scanners ZA150180

luggage security inspection machine

Multi Energy X Ray Baggage Luggage Scanner for Hotel Ktv ZA100100

Airport Security Scanner

Airport Security Scanner Energy Cargo Inspection System Baggage X ray Machine ZA10080

Dual View X Ray Machine

Airport X Ray Luggage Machine Multi Energy Color x-Ray Baggage Scanner ZA8065

cargo x-ray inspection system

Energy Cargo Inspection System Baggage Xray Machine ZA6550

Airport X ray luggage machine

Multi Energy x-Ray Baggage Inspection System Scanner Machine ZA6040

X Ray Screening Machine

Multi Energy X Ray Baggage Scanner ZA5030

x ray inspection detection machine

Double Source Airport x-Ray Scanner Baggage x Ray Machine ZA100100D

X Ray Security Baggage Scanner

Dual Energy X Ray Security Baggage Scanner ZA10080D

Dual View X Ray Baggage Scanner

Double View X Ray Baggage Scanner ZA6550D

Explosive Detector Machine

Portable explosives and narcotics trace detector ZA800BX

Handheld Explosive Trace Detector

Handheld portable high sensitivity explosive trace detector ZA800BX

Explosive Trace Detection Equipment

Touch screen desktop explosive trace detector ZA800

ZA-600BX Portable Liquid Detector

Portable Liquid Scanner for Dangerous Liquid Checking ZA-600BX

ZA-600 Liquid Detector

Liquid Explosive Detector ZA-600

Hand Held Metal Detector Suppliers

Security hand held metal detector wand ZA-360

Security Metal Detector Wand

Scanner handheld security metal detector ZA300

Cost of Handheld Metal Detector

High sensitivity handheld metal detector MD3003B1

Multi Zone Metal Detector

Multi-zone 33/36 zone security walk through metal detector ZA3000E

High Security Walk Through Detector

Body Scanner Security Walk through Metal Detector door frame A3000C

Walk-Through Metal Detectors

18 zone walk through metal detector ZA3000BX

Waterproof Walk Through Metal Detector

Waterproof walk through metal detector security gate ZA3000A

security walk through gate

Walk through security metal detectors ZA3000

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About Us
Shenzhen Zoan Gaoke Electronics Co.,Ltd

ZOAN GAOKE is one professional security equipment manufacturer, which was established in 2005, the total business space is 3000m2, with more than 200 employees. For years we devoted to public security, anti-terrorism equipment research, development, production, marketing and service, and we offer one-stop security solution to our clients from all the world. The company have 6 series production lines, such as Under Vehicle Surveillance System, X - ray Baggage scanner, explosives and drug detection equipment, liquid &gas detector, metal detection equipment and etc. All the products have passed CE/FCC/CCC/ROHS Certificates, and have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions. The products is widely used in large-scale events, meetings, exhibitions, political and legal departments, highways ,ports and other places . "Science and technology is the driving force of enterprise development". We company has always make more efforts to R&D and innovation of products, in order to provide best security products for the world!

About Us
  • 2005

    Shenzhen ZOAN Gaoke Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional security equipment manufacturer, which is established in 2005.

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    Since the ZOAN establishment, annual sales have risen year by year and have now reached $10 million per year...

  • 50

    We have exported to more than 50 countries and regions and we often visit customers abroad as well as participate...

  • 50

    We have over 50 famous partners in the world. Such as 2008 Beijing Olympic, Uganda International Conference Center...

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Latest News #
The holiday for 2022 May Day
The holiday for 2022 May Day

Dear Customer, According to our country's statutory holiday regulations, our company's May Day Labor Day holiday is from 30thApril to 4th May . We will back to work normally on 5th May. Any needs or questions during the period, please send us an email or call us, and we will still serve you online 24 hours a day. Thank you! Wish you May Day Happy! Yours Sincerely

April 29, 2022

COUNTRIES: TURKEY / SHOW TIME: Oct.11-14,2018 / BOOTH: 11B34 Turkey's international security, labor insurance and fire protection exhibition is the only international security industry and industry exhibition in Turkey. It is divided into five themes of security, protection, fire protection, information security, intelligence and building automation! Since the exhibition was organized, ISAF has continuously attracted professionals from home and abroad to come to this event. A total of 395 exhibitors from 32 countries around the world participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of over 15,000 square meters, attracting 16,748 buyers from 69 countries around the world. 39% of these buyers are from Europe, 35% from the Middle East and 15% from Asia, and their international and popularity is growing!

July 13, 2021

COUNTRIES: FRANCE / SHOW TIME: 06th-08th NOV 2018 / BOOTH: H1B53 The international exhibition of EXPO PROTECTION 2018 in Paris is one of the largest professional labor insurance exhibitions in the world. It is the largest labor insurance exhibition in Europe after Germany A+A. More than 700 exhibitors and 40,000 professional buyers gathered at the show to share the latest trends in the industry. The French Labor Insurance Exhibition has created a gathering platform for manufacturers, distributors of security, occupational and fire protection industries and end consumers looking for new products, services and partners.

July 13, 2021

COUNTRIES: DUBAI / SHOW TIME: Jan,20-22th,2019 / BOOTH: 2-C41 The Middle East Dubai Commercial Safety and Fire Equipment Expo (INTERSEC) is hosted by Messe Frankfurt and is the largest professional fire safety product exhibition in the Middle East. The show covers all major products in the fire and security sector, and the number of professional buyers has risen year after year. The exhibition area is 35,759 square meters. A total of 1,235 exhibitors from more than 50 countries. The professional audience reached 27,303, making the exhibition an international commercial platform that radiates the entire Middle East Gulf region and North Africa.

July 13, 2021

COUNTRIES: SOUTRH AFRICA / SHOW TIME: MAY,14-16th,2019 / BOOTH: HALL 2 D39 Securex South Africa 2019 is held at the Gallagher Convention Center in Santon, Johannesburg, South Africa. It is the only, largest and most comprehensive comprehensive safety technology exhibition in Southern Africa, focusing on security, fire protection and The latest developments in the field of security technology. ZOAN has gained a lot in this exhibition!

May 14, 2019

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