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Walk Through Thermal Temperature Metal Detector ZA3000

Model: ZA3000

Vertical dimensions: 2230mm (height)×835mm (width)×480mm (depth)

Vertical channel size: 1990mm (height)×700mm (width)×400mm (depth)

Product weight: 59KG

Door packaging size: 2310*650*200mm

Main box packing size: 760*390*265mm

Packed weight: 67KG

Power consumption: 30W

Working temperature: -20-60℃

Working humidity: 20~90%

Power source: AC 85~240V 50/60Hz

Temperature measurement time: less than 0.1s

Temperature resolution: 0.02℃

Test accuracy: ±0.2℃

Temperature measurement distance: 0.3-0.5 meters

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Walk Through Thermal Temperature Metal Detector ZA3000

Thermal temperature measurement interface

Product introduction

The thermal imaging temperature measurement metal detection security gate independently developed by Shenzhen Zhongan Gaoke Electronics Co., Ltd. integrates infrared thermal imaging non-sensing temperature measurement and metal detection technology. It can simultaneously perform non-sensing temperature measurement and metal detection without affecting each other. Thermal imaging temperature measurement and metal detection adopt dual-screen independent display, thermal imaging camera adopts binocular AI camera, integrated high-precision thermal imaging temperature sensor, built-in intelligent facial capture algorithm, ISP image processing and other technologies in one AI smart product. It has powerful functions such as face detection, body temperature detection, and face capture. It can accurately capture the body temperature and face pictures of people passing through the camera's field of view, accompanied by voice alarm prompts, which can effectively help users monitor the body temperature status of people entering and exiting, and help personnel temperature screening. The design of the entire temperature measurement part is smart and convenient, which can quickly measure the temperature without affecting the normal passage of the tested person; the metal detection module display clearly shows the metal detection status and the number of people passing, accompanied by sound and light alarms, which can effectively Control the inspection of dangerous goods such as knives and guns.

This product can be widely used in important places such as prisons, courts, schools, hospitals, electronic companies, ports, passenger terminals, exhibition halls, conference centers, major celebrations, concerts, etc.

Note 1: In order to ensure the effect of body temperature detection, the distance between the equipment and the personnel collection point is 2 meters (range 1~2.5 meters).

Note 2: Illumination requirements: no backlight, no obvious reflection on the face, uniform light and no shadows.

Note 3: Requirements for light and wind: It is recommended that the equipment be installed indoors to ensure that there is no wind and direct sunlight between the equipment and personnel, and avoid the phenomenon of excessively low or high temperature caused by blowing heat and direct sunlight.

Product Function

1. Infrared thermal imaging without sensing temperature
2. Temperature measurement range 30-50℃, temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.3
3. Built-in speaker voice alarm, abnormal red display alarm
4.  2 million visible light resolution 1920*1080, thermal imaging resolution 256*192
5. Dual camera color/infrared dual-light recognition, accurate real-time live detection
6. Support face capture function, which can detect and capture 20~30 faces at the same time
7. Weigen protocol interface, Micro SD card interface, maximum support 128G
8. HDMI direct output preview video, real-time display of the number of passers-by and abnormal temperature
9. Support SD card to store data records, and data can be exported online
10. Support for query, management and export of metal detection and other data
11. Multi-defense zone metal detection technology: 18 detection zones, the sensitivity of each detection zone can be adjusted arbitrarily (with adaptive adjustment technology), and there is a high-brightness LED alarm position indicator to accurately locate the hidden contraband;
12. Dual screen display technology: 12-inch LCD screen display for thermal imaging part, 7-inch LCD screen display for metal detection part
13. Metal detection objects: can detect magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metals;
14. Portability: One-button power switch, no need to do other debugging, only need to manually adjust the camera angle according to the site conditions, the recommended viewing angle of the camera is 0~5 degrees

Advantage 1: Temperature detector
1. Sensor type: uncooled detector
2. Temperature measurement method: infrared thermal imaging;
3. Quick screening: real-time detection;
4. Non-contact and non-sensing temperature measurement: the person under test can pass through without any obstacles, without stopping, raising his head, etc.;
5. Alarm prompt: sound alarm;
6. Thermal image size: 256*192
7. Pixel size: 12μm
8.Thermal imaging field of view: 50°*35.2°
9.Measuring accuracy: ±0.3℃
10.Temperature measurement distance: 1-5 meters
11.Temperature measurement range: 30-50℃
12.Display: 12-inch large screen real-time display through personnel temperature, face capture, number of peers, etc.

Advantage 2: Metal detector
1. Multi-defense zone technology: 18 detection zones, the sensitivity of each detection zone can be adjusted arbitrarily (with adaptive adjustment technology), and there is a high-brightness LED alarm position indicator to accurately locate the hidden contraband;
2. Large screen technology: 7-inch operating LCD screen, the operation is more simple and easy to understand;
3. Detection objects: can detect magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metals;
4. Super enclosure protection technology: IP55 superior protection performance;
5. Alarm data statistics: equipped with intelligent passenger flow and alarm counters, real-time automatic display of the number of alarms and the number of people entering and exiting, 100,000 records of large-capacity information for real-time review;
6. Alarm function: alarm light, alarm sound, arbitrary adjustment settings.

Advantage 3: Real-time query management of background data

1. Except through the device display real-time view captured by testing temperature and human face, we also can be used to log on to Internet explorer the thermal imaging measurement calibrate browsing and parameter Settings:

2. Temperature record query: there are two kinds of test records query, a direct export through configuration of TF card, another can be exported by the PC data management software.

3. First: TF card data query

The temperature measurement record is kept on the TF card. Currently, it is not supported to search the temperature measurement record on the web page. The TEMPERATURE measurement record needs to be viewed on the computer with the TF card.


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