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Scanner handheld security metal detector ZA300

Model: ZA300



Package size:370 *100 * 50 mm

Package weight:0.5kg

Sensitivity Level:Low sensitivity, low sensitivity , high sensitivity and ultra-high sensitivity (can detect single staple)

Alarm mode:Vibration , sound , vibration and sound three alarm mode , the operator can judge size of the metal by the sound light .

Power supply:two pcs battery 5#, (rechargeable battery is optional)

Working time:More than 80 hours

Operating temperature:-25℃--60℃

Material:Shock-resistant and impact-resistant ABS plastic.

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Scanner handheld security metal detector ZA300

Product introduction

The product is a high performance metal detector designed for security . Compared with the traditional detector, it adopts digital circuit design, with consistent and stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, without exact operation, the use of special design of detection, more advanced programmable technology such as sound, light, vibration alarm, make its higher sensitivity, alarm more accurate, more energy saving province electricity, work longer hours. This product is a combination of high reliability, such as human body engineering concept in the similar products in a unique, unparalleled streamline design, beautiful, elegant, easy to use and fighting ability, is an ideal product to check illegal rare items.

Available place

Security check of the gun: such as airport, prison, public prosecutor, army, customs station, etc.

Security check: government agencies, large enterprises, conference venues, gymnasiums, large event venues, etc.

Inspection: precious metals inspection (such as gold and silver ornaments ), hardware factory, electronics factory, cable factory, warehouse, etc.

Inspection bags: postal and logistics system, etc.

Product quality inspection: textile, food, medical system, etc.

Other applications: examination of cheating in the examination room, etc.

Product Features:

1. Digital design and high anti-interference.

2. Good performance stability, no need for periodic calibration.

3. Streamline design, elegant and elegant, comfortable and anti-skid design for the handle.

4. Simple, and easy to operation .

5. 3 alarm modes, Vibration, sound, vibration .

6. Long working hours and standby time, energy saving and environmental protection.

7. Reminder for charging and low power.

9. Advanced programming ability.

10. The operator can judge the degree of metal amount of the object detected according to the sound light.

Dimension Drawing

Cheap Handheld Metal Detector

Cheap Handheld Metal Detector

Security Metal Detectors for Sale

Security Metal Detectors for Sale

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