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Portable X ray Baggage Scanner ZA4030

Model: ZA4030

Tube electric pressure: 30 Kv -120Kv

Tube current: 0.3mA—1mA(Adjustable)

Penetration force: 25mm steel plate and 60mm Aluminum plate

Hard disk: 1T

Display resolution: 1920×1080(15inch)

Operating system: WIN10

Imaging size: 430mm×350mm

Drawing time: 1S-3S

spatial resolution: 3.6LP/mm

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Portable X ray Baggage Scanner

This device is a light weight,portable,battery powered x-ray scanning system designed in co-operation with the first responder and EOD teams to meet the need of the field operative. It is light weight and comes with user friendly software that helps operators in understanding the functions and operations in a less time.

Baggage Security Equipment

Main features:

(1)The X ray detector box is super thin and portable with less than 15mm thickness.

(2)The imaging area is very large, up to 43 cm * 35 cm. It can be detected by X-ray fluoroscopy only once.

(3)The detection efficiency is super, which can greatly reduce the radiation dose.

(4)The X-ray detection box can be adjusted according to the shape and position of the object to be detected. It can be used for forward, lateral, inverted, upright and downward position.

(5)Equipped with high power and high performance lithium ion battery, it can detect more than 600 suspected bags at one time.

(6)Powerful image processing software can acquire X-ray perspective images in real time and provide powerful professional digital image processing functions.

(7)AC and DC power supply. After 220V power supply, it can be used continuously for 24 hours.

(8)This equipment can work normally in harsh environments such as strong light.

Product Specification:   

Portable X ray source parameters:

Tube electric pressure

30 Kv -120Kv

Tube current


Penetration force

25mm steel plate   60mm Aluminum plate


245mm x 80mm x 184mm



Imaging panel parameters:

Pixel spacing

140 μm

spatial resolution


Drawing time


Imaging size


work environment

5-40 ºC,10-75% RH

Appearance size

380×460×15 mm





Laptop parameters:

Display resolution


operating system



Intri i5

Video card

2G独立显卡  (Discrete graphics)

Hard disk


Test results:


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