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Frequency Jammer Drone Signal Jamming Device ZA-T08

Model: ZA-T08

Size: 66x58x41cm

Weight: 43kg

Interference mode: all digital DDS interference

Interference direction: omnidirectional 8 modules

Ambient operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Relative humidity: 80± 3%

Interference frequency: 20~3000MHZ.

Output power: 450W

Power supply: AC (220±20) V; DC (28±2)V

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Frequency Jammer Drone Signal Jamming Device ZA-T08


ZA-T08 frequency jammer is a device constructed, adapted or intended to be used to prevent the reception of radio transmissions by a receiver relevant to its function. It can fastly and precisely locate the signal source ,and much more effectively protect your privacy at any time.



Signal Jamming Device

Item Frequency Note
1 20-100MHz Toys/model airplane remote control27MHz35 MHz41 MHz49 MHz
2 135-174 MHz IntercomVHF(100-315MHz)
3 315-470 MHz Car remote control, interphone (UHF), dalingtong (CDMA450)
4 870-880 MHz Mobile phone CDMA800 (telecom 2G, 3G)
925-960 MHz Mobile phone GSM900 (unicom, mobile 2G)
5 1805-1880 MHz GSM1800(also known as DCS) mobile, unicom 2G
1880-1920 MHz Mobile 3G signal
6 2010-2025 MHz TD -CОМA 3 G
2110-2125 MHz Telecom 3 G
2125-2170 MHz Unicom 3, 4G
7 2300-2400 MHz Mobile room 4G 2320-2370
China telecom 2370-2390 is not in use yet.)
2400-2485 MHz Wifi signal, remote control or digital transmission
8 2555-2655 MHz Mobile unicom + 4G
China unicom 2555-2575 telecom 2635-2655 has not been used yet

1. Interference object range: high power coverage, can interfere with all frequencies between 20M ~ 3000MHz;Remote control (including toy remote control, car remote control, all kinds of uav and other civilian remote control), pager (including BP machine,114) radio, walkie-talkie, 2 g mobile phone (GSM900 and DCS1800), CDMA800 mobile phones, PHS (PHS), 3 g mobile phones (CDMA2000 and WCDMA, td-scdma), 4 g phones (and the td-scdma LTE FDD - LTE), analog and digital cordless telephone, wireless local area network (WLAN), bluetooth, wi-fi, maritime satellite, wireless microphone, pat guhya the record through the wireless transmission equipment, Aces satellite, Thuraya satellite and amateur radio equipment, etc.  

2. Can be customized frequency band (20M-6000M), according to customer needs to extend two or more chassic.

3. It adopts the portable design of pull rod box, which is suitable for emergency, transition, temporary control and other environments.  It is convenient and flexible, which can be used both portable and vehicle-mounted. ?

4. All digital jamming technology (DDS) is adopted, and its jamming effect has phase continuity in time (up to the order of us), concentration in energy, pertinence in target and real-time tactical effect, and the jamming effect is much better than the past analog jamming method.

5. American military case (pelican), dustproof, shockproof and anti-falling.

6. The modular design is convenient for follow-up maintenance.  If the module needs to be replaced, it can be simply plugged and unplugged without interfering with the normal work of other modules.

7. Adopt wired remote control mode, which is convenient for operators to manage each module in real time when needed.  The remote control box can display the external battery power and power supply working status.

8. Each module has an RS232 interface, which allows customers to connect to the computer and adjust the output power and frequency of the module in real time.

9. One-button start device, all transmission modules can be opened when the power is turned on.

10. Various power supply modes are provided: AC220V power supply or external battery box power supply (standard). ?

11. Each module is equipped with an efficient and intelligent cooling fan, which automatically starts cooling when the operating temperature reaches 45 degrees to ensure efficient cooling and extend the service life of the equipment.

12. Frequency recommendation scheme (frequency band can be customized according to customer requirements) :

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