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Double Source Airport x-Ray Scanner Baggage x Ray Machine ZA100100D

Model: ZA100100D

Channel size: 1000(W)×1000(H)mm

Conveyor Max Load: 200kg

Test rate: >1600/h

Noise: 58dB(A)

Direction: Bottom /side

Resolution: 32AWG to 40AWG

Operation Power: 220VAC(±10%)50±3Hz

Penetration: 27mm to 40mm Steel

Film Safety: Guarantee ISO1600 Film

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Double Source Airport x-Ray Scanner Baggage x Ray Machine

The ZA100100D dual view x-ray baggage security inspection machine is an advanced dual view x-ray system for screening handbag and regular baggage, easy to operate, specially designed to meet the needs and applications of Civil Aviation, Airport: Customs, Border Control, Public transportation operations, Embassy, Government Office, Military Base, Prison, Army or wherever high security level and top-quality security solution is required.

ZA100100D offers all the advantages of CETC technology, including high-quality imaging, the industry's superior user-friendly operator interface and networking capabilities. The state-of-art imaging technology, intelligent dangerous objects assist detection function is consistently fast: accurate, and efficient screening and detection of weapons, narcotics, explosives, and other threats and contraband goods.

X Ray Baggage Scanners

Product Specification:


General Specification 

Tunnel Size


Conveyor Speed


Conveyor Max Load


Dose per Inspection



32AWG to 40AWG 

Spatial resolution

Level: dia1.3mm, Vertical: dia1.0mm

Penetrate resolution

24WG to 34AWG 


27mm to 40mm Steel

Film Safety

 Guarantee ISO1600 Film

X-ray Leakage

<0.1 μGy/h (at a distance of 5cm From external housing)

Generate direct


Generate anger

80 degree

 Anode Voltage


Anode power

0.4 to 1.2mA

Cooling / Duty Cycle

Oil Cooling /100%


1.It is the first full-digital security detector in China. Clear image and strong anti-interference function 
2.Embedded Linux operating system, more efficient and stable, with multi-core ARM CPU, system structure is simple, low power consumption, energy conservation, and environmental protection function .
3.Each machine is tested by strict high and low temperature test before leaving the factory, can run for more than 10000 hours without failure
4..Real parameters: the test report issued by the ministry of public security. The test report results are more authentic and reliable.
5.The main parts of the products are famous domestic brands.

Applied fields

It’s widely used in the shopping malls, subways, schools, factories and other infrastructures.

Image System

1. X-ray Sensor: L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic) , 12bit Deep
2.Monitor: High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 17 or 19inch
3.Image Processing: Edge enhancement, image strengthening, image lightening,, reducing darkening, image returning, image retrieval.
4.Image Grey Level: 4096Image Max Resolution: 1024 * 1280 pixel
5.Image Processing: 24bit for processing real time
6.Image storage: Storage 60000 pictures in real time
7.Zoom: 2,4,8,16 Times Enlarge, Whole screen continuous observation
8.Multi-energetic distinguish objects: organic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture in green
9.High-energy/low energy : switch from high energy to low energy

10.Assist to detect drug and explosive powder

Installation Data

1.Operation temperature/Humidity: 0℃-45℃/20%-95%(non-condensing)
2.Storage Temperature/Humidity: -20℃-60℃/20%-95%(non-condensing)
3.Operation Power: 220VAC(±10%)50±3Hz
4.Power Consumption: 1.0 KW (max), 1.0KW(working)
5.Noise: <58db"


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