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  • How to choose between single-energy or dual-energy X-ray systems
    • July 02. 2020

    There are currently two types of X-ray technology used for cargo inspection-Single Energy X Ray Inspection System and dual energy X Ray Scanner. Some processors believe that dual energy X Ray machine is always the best regardless of the application. However, this is not always the case. Regardless of the application, it is a myth that dual energy automatically provides better sensitivity. The...

  • How do X-ray baggage scanners work
    • August 13. 2021

    When you are at the airport,your body entered scanner and you rise your hands above your head while placing your feet on the footprint markers below you, you might have wondered, “What kind of technology is being used to scan my luggage, and more importantly, my body?” This is exactly the job of X Ray Baggage Scanner Machine. Airport Scanner Machine’re used to build a picture of what’s inside your...

  • How to maintain your x ray baggage scanner?
    • August 17. 2021

    We can see X-ray baggage scanner everywhere in public places such as airports and stations, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar. The use in daily life is very wide. But in the long-term use, if there is no daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, it will inevitably have such problems. So today I will share the maintenance work for the scanner. Maintenance of X-ray baggage scanner Preca...

  • How does the X-Ray baggage scanner distinguish dangerous goods such as explosives, drugs, guns and knives?
    • September 10. 2021

    With the economic development becoming more and more developed today, people’s living standards are improving, and the requirements for safety are getting higher and higher. At the same time, due to the war in the external third world, terrorist extremists and other factors, airports, railway stations, and mass gathering places Equipped with security inspection equipment is becoming more and more ...

  • ZOAN Work for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Security
    • May 13. 2022

    In order to provide security for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics,several containers of ZOAN Security equipment, including Under Vehicle Surveillance System ,X ray baggage scanner ,Walk Through Metal Detector ,Hand Held Metal Detector and Liquid Detector , etc. will be sent to Beijing on December 30, 2021. During the Winter Olympics, ZOAN security products escort the Winter Olympics all the way,un...

  • Know about the different Security Scanners
    • March 28. 2023

    As we go about our daily lives, we are bound to encounter various security measures, including walk-through body scanners, X-ray security scanners, and walk-through metal detectors. These security measures are put in place to ensure our safety, particularly when traveling or entering secure facilities. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at each of these security measures and how they work. Wal...

  • Are X-ray baggage scanners harmful to humans?
    • April 10. 2023

    Security check is a very common security measure in modern society, and it is the basic guarantee for passengers' personal and property safety. Subway, station and airport security checks are experiences that almost every traveler has experienced. X-ray baggage scanners or other X-ray baggage scanning equipment are often used in the security check process. Because this equipment uses X-rays, and t...

  • How To Select Security Scanner
    • April 17. 2023

    Selecting the right x-ray security scanner, security metal detector, or baggage scanner is an important decision for any organization that wants to ensure the safety of its premises, staff, and visitors. There are several factors to consider when choosing these security machines, including the type of facility, the level of security required, and the budget available. In this blog, we'll take a lo...

  • What is x-ray baggage inspection system
    • April 28. 2023

    An X-ray baggage inspection system, also known as an X-ray scanner or baggage X-ray machine, is a security device used at airports, seaports, and other high-security locations to inspect the contents of baggage and parcels. It utilizes X-ray technology to create images of the items inside the bags or packages, allowing security personnel to identify any potential threats, contraband, or prohibited...

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