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How to Solve fixed Under Vehicle Surveillance System Problem

  • 2021-09-15 15:48:35

In the process of using the system,Under vehicle surveillance system and video acquisition card may affect the normal use of the system due to various reasons. In order to enable system maintenance personnel and technical personnel of the user side to find out the cause of the fault more quickly, some possible faults in the system operation are sorted out as follows:

Question1: Why the under car scanner LED light doesn't work?

Answer: The 24V voltage of the LED lamp is abnormal or the LED lamp is broken. Measure the input voltage of the power supply. If the input voltage is abnormal, check the cable connection. If the voltage is normal, replace the LED lamp. It could be the ground sensor coil sensor is broken,notify the equipment provider for replacement and repair.

Question 2: Why the license plate is blurred in a video grab?

Answer: The camera adjustment parameters are incorrect.Remove the cover of the video equipment to adjust the appropriate focal length and zoom.

Question 3: Why the LED light is on when no vehicle passes through the scanner or after the vehicle passes through the scanner?

Answer: Ground sensor failure or control panel failure. Re-plug and remove the ground sensor and the ground sensor, and lower the voltage of the main board to 23.5V, or replace the control board.

Question 4: Why the Main engine failed to connect to under car equipment ?

Answer: Under Vehicle Scanner GIGABit camera IP and host IP are configured on different network segments. Check whether the two IP addresses are on the same network segment and whether the IP Settings are set according to the instructions.

Under Vehicle Scanner

After resetting the back IP according to the instructions, restart the software.

Other reasons:

1. The network port of the host or camera is faulty.

2. The network cable is faulty.

3. The TCP/IP protocol is not correctly installed on the host.

You can check the host network adapter and camera network device, replace the network cable, or run the [ping] command at the command prompt to locate the fault.

Question 5: Why when passing the car, no image is displayed in the image display area under the car?

Answer: Ground sensor coil sensor is abnormal,notify the equipment provider for replacement and repair. Maybe the camera did not trigger a snap image,you can open the Real-time Curve dialog box to check whether there is a real-time curve. If there is no real-time curve, the camera or the cable is faulty.

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