X-ray Baggage scanner

How to maintain your x ray baggage scanner?

  • 2021-08-17 15:31:30

We can see X-ray baggage scanner everywhere in public places such as airports and stations, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar. The use in daily life is very wide. But in the long-term use, if there is no daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, it will inevitably have such problems. So today I will share the maintenance work for the scanner.

Maintenance of X-ray baggage scanner

Precautions for maintenance of X-ray Baggage luggage scanner

1.Maintenance of X-ray baggage scanner

Move the device carefully during installation or normal use. As X-ray luggage scanner has many components, it can be regarded as a more precise instrument. So remember to handle it gently once. In particular, the X-ray tube and display components should be moved carefully to avoid damage to the X-ray tube.

Pay attention to the internal and external removal of the equipment. Externally, because luggage is generally checked, it will inevitably be dirty, so you must wipe it with a wet towel or other things. But be careful not to let water in. The internal cleaning of the equipment must be more careful, because it is afraid that other parts may be touched and cause malfunction. Therefore, at this time, it is often not washed with water, but precision treatment with tools such as brushes.

Check whether the key switch on the top and the key switch are connected, and whether the emergency button is insensitive to avoid affecting subsequent normal work.

Check that an opaque object is placed on the conveyor belt of the imported obstruction light, and the light can be turned on normally. After the power supply of the safety equipment fails, wipe the cloth lens and the obstruction light cleaning glass to install on the channel.

Check that the cooling radiator of the security inspection machine is blocked, check and remove the dust. There are some parts that need to be checked, just follow the contents of the manual.

X-ray luggage scanner

2. Precautions for maintenance of X-ray luggage scanner

The installation environment should be installed in a dry and ventilated environment, otherwise it will affect the circuit inside the security inspection machine. During installation, it is best to require professional technicians to install and debug to ensure that each performance index meets the standard.

Security inspectors must undergo rigorous training before they start to work, and are familiar with the working principle of the security inspection machine, as well as basic operating knowledge and routine maintenance. Untrained personnel are prohibited from operating the security inspection machine.

The power switch must be properly grounded to avoid injury to the operator, damage to the machine, and unnecessary accidents.

When the security inspection machine breaks down, you should stop it immediately and inform the original security inspection machine to come for repairs, and you cannot open the cover or dismantle the security inspection machine without authorization. Repair and maintenance must also be handled by professionals. Non-professionals are only allowed to do some simple processing under the guidance of professionals.

When using X-ray luggage scanning, it is still necessary to do daily maintenance work, and pay attention to the lowercase precautions of maintenance work. Once an abnormality is found, the maintenance should be suspended in time to ensure that unnecessary accidents occur.

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