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How does the walk through metal detector work?

  • 2021-10-15 16:52:29

With people’s attention to safety protection, the walk through metal detector have gained a lot of popularity in public places,now let’s learn how does the walk through metal detector work.

The working principle of the metal detector:

Metal detectors usually use pulse induction technology. A typical PI system uses coils as a transmitter and receiver on one side. That is, the PI system sends a strong short pulse current through the wire coil. When metal passes through the magnetic field, a reflected magnetic field is generated. This magnetic field then reacts with the receiver coil, which triggers the alarm system. The magnetic field generated by the traveling metal detector will be a bit larger. This magnetic field will cover all items of the metal detector. This means that if someone passes through a metal detector and issues an alarm, the airport security personnel will be notified that the person may have hidden dangerous metal-based weapons, such as knives or guns, and conducted further research.


Compared with traditional detectors: the working surface of the metal detector detection area adopts a special design, with a large detection area, fast scanning speed and extremely high sensitivity. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic at one time, with strong resistance, fine craftsmanship, light weight and easy portability. It can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden on the human body, including jewelry, electrical components, etc. It is suitable for use in airports, customs, docks, banks, buildings, prisons, stadiums, hospitals, schools and other places. This product uses large-scale integrated circuits, can be fully equipped with 9V rechargeable batteries (optional), low-voltage indicators, LED lights and sound alarms and vibration alarms. It is a rare ideal product for checking illegal items.

Security inspection:

In security inspections, as with the development of other uses of metal detectors, both AC and pulse systems are used, and the design of coils and electronic equipment is also moving forward to improve the discrimination of these systems. The metal detector can indicate the approximate height of the metal object above the ground, so that security personnel can locate the signal source faster. Smaller hand-held metal detectors are also used to more accurately locate metal objects on people.

In civil engineering, special metal detectors (covering tables) are used to locate steel bars in walls.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about walk through metal detector. If you need walk through metal detector or x ray baggage scanner, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, we also produce ETD series of detection devices, such as hand-held metal detectors and explosives trace detectors. If you are interested, please contact us directly.

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