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How does explosive drug trace detection system work?

  • 2021-08-24 16:21:07

Handheld Explosive Detector


The Explosive/Narcotics Trace Detector-ZA800BX, is a new generation portable photoionization product made based on the advanced high-resolution photoionization lon Mobility Spectrometry(PIMS). The Explosive/Narcotics Trace Detector, characterized by quick detection, high sensitivity, low power consumption, small size, light weight, portable design, easy maintenance and high adaptability for different conditions /requirements, is suitable for detecting black powder as well as all exploders specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization accurately and widely used for safety inspection, national defense/ security and public safety works in important places such as airports and stations etc.

Principle introduction:

Different sample molecules, after thermally desorbed under high temperature in the sample inlet system, enter the ionization zone of the IMS ion migration tube from the sample inlet for ionization by the ionization source, thus neutral molecules can become ions; Then these ions enter the ion migration zone via the ion gate openeo periodically and reach the Faraday receiving disc for converting into current signals, which, after being amplified by the operational amplifier, will be sen to the data collecting and processing system. These signals are so called IMS detected signals. Different sample molecules form different ratio of ion mass to charge number (mass charge ratio) and therefore the motion velocities are different in the ion migration zone (constant electric field zone) and the time values for reaching the receiving disc are different, too. The IMS can be used to identify the samples based on this migration time difference.

That is to say,

Trace detection involves the chemical detection of explosives/drug by collecting and analysing tiny amounts of drug/explosive vapour or particles (a microscopic amount of explosives/drug) and looking for residue or contamination from handling or being in proximity to explosive/drug materials. More info about our Handheld Explosive Detector you can visit our site directly.

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