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  • Five Reasons Why Customers Choose walk through metal detector ZA3000E
    • June 13. 2022

    Regarding walk through security metal detectors, there are many models on the market, such as our ZA3000/ZA3000C/ZA3000E/ZA3000BX, etc. So why do customers like the 3000E most among the many metal detector body scanner models? Some of its advantages are given below for reference 1.Multi-zone technology: 36 zone detection, which identifies metal more accurately. Promise zone more accurately and qui...

  • ZOAN Work for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Security
    • May 13. 2022

    In order to provide security for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics,several containers of ZOAN Security equipment, including Under Vehicle Surveillance System ,X ray baggage scanner ,Walk Through Metal Detector ,Hand Held Metal Detector and Liquid Detector , etc. will be sent to Beijing on December 30, 2021. During the Winter Olympics, ZOAN security products escort the Winter Olympics all the way,un...

  • How to solve the discoloration when UVSS pass a car
    • March 02. 2022

    How to solve the discoloration when UVSS pass a car First need to check whether the color change all the time or only in a certain period of time. If the image is always changing color, need to adjust the voltage of the LED lamp. If it happens at a certain point in time it happens when the camera is exposed to sunlight,there's no way to solve this except by physical solutions in the field like blo...

  • How to maintain the explosive narcotics trace detector
    • December 29. 2021

    As portable explosives drugs detector plays an increasingly important role in our security checks, based on the principle of ion mobility spectrometry, it can accurately detect particles or vapor of explosives and narcotics, and report the ingredient names. With the superior technical features of fast response, high precision, low power consumption and easy to operate and maintain, ...

  • What is the difference between Fixed UVSS and Mobile UVIS?
    • November 22. 2021

    Under Vehicle Car Safety Inspection System mainly detects the bottom of various vehicles, which can quickly and accurately find out the prohibited items hidden under the car and illegal smuggling and smuggling personnel. It is faster and more accurate than the traditional under car inspection mirror, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of vehicle safety inspection and reduces the investm...

  • How to install walk through metal detector
    • November 12. 2021

    With people becoming more and more aware of security checks, we have seen that walk through metal detectors are used everywhere, such as airports, railway stations, bus stations, customs, factories, hotels, hospitals, etc., security checks have become our lives ,but after buying, people are confused about how to install it,here I will tell you how to install the door frame metal detector. 1. Insta...

  • How to Install Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System Fast
    • October 21. 2021

    1. Portable Under Vehicle Inspection Surveillance System main parts Flight case (built-in computer host,display,keyboard etc) Under vehicle scanner ANPR camera and tripod Rubber deceleration strip 2. Flight case internal layout Flight case back face Flight case front face Under the upper cover plate is shake-proof cotton layout 1. Flight case bottom 2. Flight case upper cover 3. External power sou...

  • How does the walk through metal detector work?
    • October 15. 2021

    With people’s attention to safety protection, the walk through metal detector have gained a lot of popularity in public places,now let’s learn how does the walk through metal detector work. The working principle of the metal detector: Metal detectors usually use pulse induction technology. A typical PI system uses coils as a transmitter and receiver on one side. That is, the PI system sends a stro...

  • How to Solve fixed Under Vehicle Surveillance System Problem
    • September 15. 2021

    In the process of using the system,Under vehicle surveillance system and video acquisition card may affect the normal use of the system due to various reasons. In order to enable system maintenance personnel and technical personnel of the user side to find out the cause of the fault more quickly, some possible faults in the system operation are sorted out as follows: Question1: Why the under car s...

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